Onos will fit you perfectly

Onos will fit your leg perfectly. Giving you the best comfort, stability and protection.

Made of three layers:

1. Outer Shell

Made of a high performance PPC copolymer, it offers the needed hardness to protect from impact. It also provides flexibility to follow any change of shape.

2. SW Material Technology

Reinforced in carbon and fibers, this material is ultra-strong and resistant when idle. After few seconds in the micro-wave it becomes soft to adapt to your shin. And it’s reversible!

3. Soft Foam

Engineered for absorbing shocks and providing comfort, this is the layer in contact with the skin. Basically, all the good feeling and grip you need.

Affordable custom-fitting for everyone

Usually, only pros enjoy custom-fit shinguards. Why? Because they cost $1000. Onos brings you professional custom-fitting at $29!

Interested? Currently you can’t have it...

In order to be able to manufacture Onos, we must reach a minimum order of 1000 pieces. That’s why if you agree it’s super important to suscribe to show your interest.

And by subscribing you’ll be able to get them at only $19 when they launch!

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